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Hello everyone!  Some of you might be wondering what I’ve been up to over the last week or so.  The answer is… a lot.  But I can’t share most of my projects with you right now, because they are birthday gifts and I would hate to spoil the surprise for those people receiving them.  However, I am happy to share this skirt! Like the best of projects, this one started out as a simple idea and then grew into something better.  I found the green fabric in my local store on sale and was immediately in love.  I took it home, carefully measured, and began to sew.  However, when it was complete and I put it on…. my waist was the wrong size!  I’m pretty sure all women know the frustration of a waistline that changes with the phases of the moon.  While I knew I would shrink down enough […]

I try to make every creation a balance between doing something great, and learning something new.  This gown has been a heavy lean on the learning for me, and I am so excited to finally show it off to you! When I first envisioned this gown, it was with the thought that I had fallen in love with cape sleeves and just had to make something with them. When picturing the rest of the gown, I decided that I wanted to keep it simple.  I love the feel and drape of quality fabrics, and I really wanted to play on the idea of using two colours in layers for a different overall effect.  I picked a simple A-line cut in sandy gold crepe-back satin, and made an overlay of emerald chiffon.  The idea was to show off the range of colours and textures the overlay would have, from the gold […]