Hello everyone!  Some of you might be wondering what I’ve been up to over the last week or so.  The answer is… a lot.  But I can’t share most of my projects with you right now, because they are birthday gifts and I would hate to spoil the surprise for those people receiving them.  However, I am happy to share this skirt!

Like the best of projects, this one started out as a simple idea and then grew into something better.  I found the green fabric in my local store on sale and was immediately in love.  I took it home, carefully measured, and began to sew.  However, when it was complete and I put it on…. my waist was the wrong size!  I’m pretty sure all women know the frustration of a waistline that changes with the phases of the moon.  While I knew I would shrink down enough to fit it again in another week, this just didn’t seem acceptable to me.  So, enter another change.

I added a modesty panel to the back, and bought some beautiful silver ribbon.  I’ve always loved clothing that laces up- it adds an elegance to any garment, and comes with the comfort of being adjustable.  Now my skirt will be wearable, no matter what phases of the moon, even if I lose or gain weight.

Of course, a skirt is no good without a lovely top to match it with.  Here’s a sneak peek at my design for the next thing I’ll be making!  I’ll be the first to admit that drawing isn’t my best skill ever, but it’s still helpful to get design ideas on paper before buying supplies.


Thanks for reading!


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