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“Winters in Larkspur, Colorado are no small matter. The snow comes to your knees, breaks trees, and closes roads, to say nothing of trying to keep warm hiking through it. Katrina suggested I try a cloak and I thought she was mad. Quite the contrary. She helped me select materials and put together a design, my own design, on a cloak made for deep winter in the mountains. For the rest of my winter I wore light clothing beneath my cloak and never regretted it. In the twelve years since my cloak has been my winter wear, heavy blanket, body pillow, and something to lay on with a good book. It’s still as good as the day Katrina made it. Now every winter I look forward to the heavy mountain snows and long walks with my cloak.”    -John


“One of the best feelings is to be able to wear something beautiful and unique. My cloak captures that feeling wonderfully well. The process was highly personalized, and the skill and care in Katrina’s craftsmanship resulted in a garment which feels amazing to wear. My cloak stands out from anything else I’ve ever owned and I know I’ll never see any other garment the exact same. I would definitely recommend her work to anyone looking for a garment about which they can say “this was 100% made for me.”    -Lexi